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10 Things Our Critics Are Looking Forward to in 2019

10 Things Our Critics Are Looking Forward to in 2019

As a new year begins, our critics highlight the movies, music, TV, comedy and other art they anticipate this winter.

In the middle of a digression about her boyfriend, Catherine Cohen burped. “I’m sorry,” she said, rolling her eyes at Joe’s Pub. “I literally can’t stop creating content.” She’s not lying. Part of the reason this explosive performer stands out among the fertile field of 20-something comedians working outside clubs right now is her productivity. She’s been extremely funny in a dizzying number of ways: quick online character work (“art wife” but “workout mom” should be enough evidence to give her an IFC sketch show), podcasts, her weekly show at Club Cumming, but her finest showcase so far is her cabaret act where she plays a preposterously cocky chanteuse with go-for-broke showmanship. Her tuneful songs mix vulnerability as well as flights of lunacy into her infatuation with her own hotness. The title: “Catherine Cohen: The Twist? … She’s Gorgeous,” Jan. 16 at Joe’s Pub. If you like Sandra Bernhard or Julie Klausner, this might be for you. JASON ZINOMAN

When Mike Leigh’s “Peterloo” played in Telluride and other festivals late last summer, not everyone was blown away. Too much talk, they said. And it’s true that this painstaking reconstruction of the events leading up to an infamous massacre of protesting workers in Manchester, England, in 1819 features more talk than action. Nearly every scene is a debate or a speech of some kind, even after the violence starts. But I like my politics argumentative and my history dialectical, and I found this movie thrilling and thought-provoking as both a depiction of the past and a mirror held up to the present. I’m looking forward to seeing it again after it opens on April 5. A. O. SCOTT

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