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A Short Statement for the Exponential Festival

A Short Statement for the Exponential Festival

“I put up weird little stuff all the time, I’m not super-precious about it,” Ms. Gardner, 27, said by phone from Los Angeles. “I just love having a single visual image onstage. Sometimes I see people expanding a one-act and usually I feel, ‘That thing is really a short piece.’”

“Cowboy,” which is part of a triple bill at Target Margin’s Doxsee Theater, Jan. 17-20, is a monologue by the titular character, who happens to be the last cowboy in the world — and is played by a different actor at each performance, including Brittain Ashford, Becca Blackwell and Dasha Nekrasova.

The trick is that the show’s running time varies between six and 20 minutes.

“It could depend on whatever the audience is feeling and responding to,” said the director, Charles Quittner, 26. “How we do the performance is pretty randomized in that things are triggered out of certain events that might happen during the show.

“The form of this actually reminds me of a Wild West show from the 19th century because this cowboy might end up doing stunts onstage,” he added. “We’re having fun with futility.”

Ms. Gardner said, “It’s sort of, God willing, this play will work. It makes me a little nervous but I think it’ll be fun,” she said. “There’s an element that’s out of everyone’s control.”

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