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After Times of Turmoil, ‘Transparent’ Goes Out Singing

After Times of Turmoil, ‘Transparent’ Goes Out Singing

And nearly everyone got one. The finale opens with Landecker’s rendition of “Sepulveda Blvd,” an ode to one of LA’s less-celebrated streets, and ends with “Joyocaust,” a “turn that frown upside down” musical take on the Final Solution.

“Jews don’t have a drinking song, like Irish people do,” Faith said. “So it feels like a Jewish drinking song. It’s a combination of borscht belt humor, gallows humor and a drinking song for Jews.”

In addition to Pfeffermans real and fake, the show brought back many of the show’s most popular characters, including Rabbi Raquel Fein (Kathryn Hahn), Len Novak (Rob Huebel) and Shea (Lysette).

Nayfack, who starred as Maura in the Joe’s Pub shows, was on set, too, in her first ever appearance on “Transparent.” In the finale she plays Ava, a congenial weed dealer, and is also one of the show’s producers, alongside Billings. If the series would have started in 2019, it never would have cast a cisgender man in the lead, Jill said, and the show has consistently pushed to include trans people within its cast and crew.

“At some point, somebody told me we were the second largest employer of trans people, after the military,” Jill said.

Nearly all of the cast were here on the final day of shooting, whether they were needed or not. Chants of “Judith Light, Judith Light” went up following her final take, and scores of actors and crew members assembled for a group shot soon after. “All we’ve been doing is crying,” Jill said.

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