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‘Captain Marvel,’ ‘Little’ and the Week’s Most Interesting Trailers

‘Captain Marvel,’ ‘Little’ and the Week’s Most Interesting Trailers

Even as “Glass” is expected to surpass “Aquaman” at the top of the box office next week, another superhero-themed movie looms: “Captain Marvel.” But the third preview for Marvel’s adventure packs a bit less power than its predecessors — or some of this week’s other new teasers.

Marvel billed this 90-second ad, which premiered during the College Football Playoff championship game, as a “special look,” but much of the footage has already been seen in the film’s first two trailers. The new scenes feature banter about wardrobe between Brie Larson’s titular superheroine and “Avengers” series staple Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). “Grunge is a good look for you,” he tells her — the film is set in 1995 — and she questions the wisdom of putting the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on a hat: “Does announcing your identity on clothing help with the covert part of your job?” It’s a good thing nobody goes to these movies for the dialogue.

“Something truly goddamn strange is going on!” art gallery owner Jake Gyllenhaal declares in the mesmerizing trailer for this surreal satire. He’s not kidding: A dead artist’s works take on supernatural powers, devouring their greedy owners. The director Dan Gilroy previously teamed with his real-life wife, Rene Russo, and Gyllenhaal on another dark media tale, “Nightcrawler” (2014), and “Velvet Buzzsaw” might be even creepier.

The title could cause confusion with another coming Mads Mikkelsen movie — the outdoor-survival drama “Arctic” — but the tone could hardly be more different. In this graphic-novel adaptation, the Danish actor plays an aging assassin who’s forced out of retirement (aren’t they all?) by a squad of younger contract killers hired by his former employer. The stylish visuals and Mikkelsen’s eye patch make “Polar” look pretty cool.

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