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Chelsea Peretti Wants Comedies to Be Funny Again

Chelsea Peretti Wants Comedies to Be Funny Again

Well, I’m writing a movie, and so I’m pretty consumed with that. I want to write a comedy that’s funny because I feel like comedy movies haven’t been that funny for a long time. For me, “Bridesmaids” was probably the last remarkable comedy.

I’ve been watching “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” and “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” — Steve Martin movies. I feel like what I see in these older movies is people really allowing comedic performances to sing, and I think now there’s much more of a sense of pace it up, have a big set piece, make the stakes through the roof. And also, since I began in comedy, I’ve been in this crazed desire for women to be something other than a disappointed girlfriend or a hot girl that’s unattainable. I love comedies in which women are more than just kind of standing there next to brilliantly funny men.

Last year you tweeted that you disliked roundup lists of good female comedians.

I have always wanted to be seen as a great comedian, and when you throw “woman” in front of it, it just makes me see that you see me as some kind of freakish subset. You don’t say, “This is the funniest male comedian.” But it’s this weird thing that subtly indicates, “I don’t see you as really in the running on a comedy level.”

One time I was asked to do a show where I had to wear high heels and a dress, and my whole career I have tried to pass on things like that. It’s just I always want to be seen as a funny human being. When I started, people were basically like: “If you’re a woman on stage, you should desex yourself. Don’t wear sexy clothes. Don’t talk about sex.” And now when I see Amy Schumer’s popularity, or Ali Wong — and these are women that are wearing dresses and they are talking about their sex lives — I go, “Oh, maybe I was kind of internalizing too extreme of an erasure of my gender.” So I’ve been quietly trying to make sense of what it all means for me.

You’re married to another funny human being. Can I start a family feud and ask you to spoil Jordan’s new movie, “Us,” for us?

Yeah, right. Very cute. No, you have to analyze the poster like everyone else. I’m purely doing this out of duty to my marriage, but I will say it’s very scary, it’s very good and I’ve been thinking about some of the deeper themes ever since.

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