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Conan O’Brien Has a New Look, but a Familiar Approach

Conan O’Brien Has a New Look, but a Familiar Approach

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Conan O’Brien returned after a long hiatus, sporting a more casual outfit (“This is how I dress in real life — I call my look ‘hip biology teacher’”), a new set backdrop (“It looks like a strip club in ‘Grand Theft Auto!’” his sidekick Andy Richter complained), and the same old self-deprecating sense of humor.

The new version of his TBS show — which O’Brien decided to alter after hitting his 25th year in late night in 2018 — is just 30 minutes long. After the crowd’s welcoming applause died down, O’Brien joked, “Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. We did not have time for that. That’s it — good night, everybody!” He then squeezed in a quick monologue, a “This Is Us” parody skit with Richter as O’Brien’s worried wife, and a long, chummy interview with Tom Hanks.

And O’Brien did something sneakily revolutionary in the Trump era of late night: He barely mentioned the president. (Although he did welcome his audience with an unveiled reference: “It is great to be back. I am happy to announce right now that the three-month ‘Conan’ shutdown is officially over.”)

In their interview, O’Brien thanked Hanks for coming on the show despite not having a new film or book or product to discuss. Most late-night guests tend to be hawking their latest projects.

O’BRIEN: I love that you came here tonight. Thank you so much. It really does mean a lot.
HANKS: Well, actually, I came onto your show to plug my appearance on your new show. It’s going to be on tonight. Could we run a clip of our banter just for a second? And — you just saw it.
O’BRIEN: That was it!

O’Brien pointed out that Hanks had been the progenitor of the nickname “Coco,” which O’Brien now uses constantly — including in his brand name, Team Coco.

O’BRIEN: That was all you. It has followed me. It will follow me to the grave.
HANKS: Well, it’s because I couldn’t remember your name.

And here’s a “what”-filled rundown of top stories from this week.

Jimmy Kimmel’s scheduled guests on Wednesday include Dr. Phil and the newly Oscar-nominated actor Sam Elliott.

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