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‘DAU’ Premiere in Paris Is Postponed

‘DAU’ Premiere in Paris Is Postponed

“DAU,” the sprawling interactive art project by the filmmaker Ilya Khrzhanovsky, was supposed to have its big moment this week, opening in Paris after a trail of delays and cancellations stretching from Ukraine to Berlin.

Instead, hours before the doors were set to open on Thursday, the Paris premiere was postponed, too. Ticket holders were told only that the Paris Police had not given their approval. A spokesman for the project eventually said it would open at 9 p.m. Friday.

Originally intended as a biopic of the theoretical physicist Lev Landau, “DAU” has ballooned into an immersive experience that includes improvising actors and live musical performances as well as 13 feature-length films. Shooting took place in Ukraine between 2009 and 2011, in a fully functioning theoretical physics institute where participants were expected to stay in character 24 hours a day.

The project arrived in Paris after plans for a premiere in Berlin last year were scuttled by city administrators. The official reason was incorrectly filed paperwork, but the rejected proposal had included a concrete wall that would be built around the interactive spectacle — and torn down on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall — and caused an outcry in the city. Many critics accused the organizers of normalizing the horrors of totalitarianism.

The majority of the sprawling artwork takes place across two theaters in Paris, both of which are currently undergoing renovation works. According to the “DAU” team, this building work was the sole element of the project giving the authorities pause. A spokesman for the project, Michel Hakimian, said that safety inspectors met with organizers on Thursday, but had not issued the approvals necessary for it to open to the public. The police were expected to issue their own statement Friday evening.

The chaos that has plagued the project from the beginning appeared to extend to the postponement of the Paris opening. Some ticket holders were notified of the delay in an email that showed their email addresses to all of the recipients. The “DAU” team later apologized for that, blaming a technical error, but otherwise offered ticket holders only vague assurances.

Eva Martin, 24, whose email address was shared with others, said by email that she waited outside the theater for six hours on Thursday in the hope that she would be admitted. She added that she was unsure whether the delay was genuine, or part of the performance.

One Twitter user said it had become “quite hard to distinguish fiction from reality” concerning “DAU.”

Such a setback has always been a possibility for “DAU” — as members of its own team have recognized.

“It can all stop any minute,” Martine D’Anglejan Chatillon, the project’s executive producer, said in an interview in November, as the Paris opening was being planned. “That is the nature of doing something that’s never been done before: There’s no safety net.”

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