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El Museo del Barrio Cancels Jodorowsky Show

El Museo del Barrio Cancels Jodorowsky Show

El Museo del Barrio announced on Monday that it was canceling a survey of the work of the Chilean-born artist and director Alejandro Jodorowsky, who was quoted as saying he had raped an actress while filming a scene in a movie.

In a written statement Monday the museum said that the decision to cancel the exhibition was made after an assessment of Mr. Jodorowsky’s remarks “regarding an act of sexual violence he perpetrated” during the making of his 1970 film “El Topo.”

“While the issues raised by Jodorowsky’s practice should be examined, we have come to the conclusion that an exhibition is not the right platform for doing so at this time,” El Museo’s director, Patrick Charpenel, said in a statement.

The museum’s decision was first reported on Monday by Art News. Coming less than three weeks after the museum reversed a decision to honor a socialite from Germany who has ties to archconservative opponents of Pope Francis, the cancellation raises questions about the vetting process that El Museo employs while arranging programming and events.

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