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Golden Globes 2019: What to Watch For

Golden Globes 2019: What to Watch For

LOS ANGELES — How the Hollywood pendulum swings: The Golden Globe Awards seem poised to dispense with the seriousness that marked last year’s ceremony, when actresses draped themselves in black to protest sexual harassment and Oprah Winfrey offered a Time’s Up cri de coeur from the stage. This time around? “Positive and celebratory” is how the co-host Andy Samberg described the plan.

Attacks on President Trump, as common as feigned surprise at award shows in recent years, may also be minimal. “I’m not interested in that at all,” Sandra Oh, the ceremony’s other co-host and a nominee for the television drama “Killing Eve,” told The Hollywood Reporter recently.

NBC and the givers of the Globes, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, have been promising “One Big Party!” in ads. There will be bubbles (3,500 mini-bottles of Moët & Chandon Champagne) and a ballroom stuffed with 15,000 tulips.

Oh, yes. And the trophies. Those are almost beside the point at this particular awards stop, which is mostly seen as a moneymaking moment — for NBC, for studios that gain a marketing hook for winter films, for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Besides, the association, with a long history of voting idiosyncrasies, has only 88 people who cast ballots. The Oscars, awarded next month, are voted on by about 8,200 movie industry professionals.

For all of the attention given to the movie winners, the Globes ceremony almost always starts with accolades for television work. And best actress in a TV drama promises to be one of the most intriguing matchups, pitting a co-host versus a Hollywood legend.

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