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Haley Joel Osment Plays Pool at His Favorite N.Y.U. Hangout

Haley Joel Osment Plays Pool at His Favorite N.Y.U. Hangout

He now has a recurring role on “Future Man,” as Stu Camillo, a post-apocalypse “toxic nice guy,” as Mr. Osment describes him, who just might destroy all of humanity. He has also filmed roles in Edward James Olmos’s pollution thriller, “The Devil Has a Name,” and the Ted Bundy biopic “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.”

So Mr. Osment doesn’t really need a comeback, except when it comes to pool.

He and his college friends are big into games: bar games, board games, trivia. He and Ms. Pursell are in two fantasy football leagues together. (They would not divulge their team names; according to Ms. Pursell, they may be “unpublishable.”)

In the years since college, Ms. Pursell joined a billiards league and Mr. Osment did not. She even arrived with her own pool cue and her own baby powder. “Otherwise my hands get too sticky,” she said.

“I just hope this is educational,” said Mr. Osment, who wore a blazer and a tidy beard­.

After a quick catch-up, Mr. Osment racked the balls and broke with something less than perfect confidence. Ms. Pursell chose solids and started clearing the table efficiently, while Mr. Osment struggled to sink a single ball. “Oh my goodness, who could have seen that coming?” Mr. Osment said with a deadpan.

She sent her 8 ball into the wrong pocket, though, so Mr. Osment ended up winning the first game.

In the second game, his break did not improve (“so weak,” he muttered), but Ms. Pursell explained that as long as four balls touched the sides, the break was in play. He seemed pleasantly surprised when a striped ball went in. Ms. Pursell applauded. “Thank you,” he said. “I need all the encouragement I can get.”

It wasn’t enough. Mr. Osment missed his next shot and Ms. Pursell methodically picked off the solids, though she soon ran into a snag. So many of his stripes were crowded around a corner pocket that she couldn’t sink her last ball. “Ah, the strategy of losing by so much, you can’t get to your balls,” he told Ms. Pursell.

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