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Kelly Rowland on Playing Gladys Knight: ‘I Just Wanted to Soak Her Up’

Kelly Rowland on Playing Gladys Knight: ‘I Just Wanted to Soak Her Up’

When she told me she got the role, I was excited and couldn’t wait to see her performance. We just didn’t have that competition moment and we probably should have!

Any plans for another Destiny’s Child reunion?

Everybody is like, “Oh my God, when’s it going to …” Our kids have play dates, and we hang out for girls’ nights, but it hasn’t been anything that we’ve talked about. And … yeah!

Do you feel any extra pressure raising a boy in such turbulent times?

I feel like it’s a great responsibility to raise a good man, respectful, with integrity, honest, a great sense of self-assurance. That’s the pressure that I feel ever since he was in my womb. My gosh, I think Mike Brown had just been killed, and it was a series of killings of black boys back-to-back. And I remember holding my belly, weeping, because I was thinking, I have a black boy and he’s going to come into this world and how do I protect him from ignorance? How do I protect him from any and everything — when they fall, when they’re learning to meet friends, when they’re going to have a job interview. Of course, God’s bigger than me, and he was just like, “You’ve got this.” I feel like God was like, “I created woman on purpose. I’ve created you this way for a reason, and you have everything it is that you need to raise this child.”

RCA dropped R. Kelly after a documentary resurrected sexual-misconduct allegations. Last month, Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father, spoke about keeping him away from Destiny’s Child. You went on to record songs with him. Any thoughts in hindsight?

No, I’d honestly rather not say. I will keep my comments to myself at this moment because I’m still downloading all of this like everybody else is.

You’ve vowed to finally release an album this year. What should we expect from your music-making?

I’m at the point where I feel like as long as I’m having fun making music, I can do whatever I want to do. Not follow anybody else’s standards, only my own. And music that I’m excited about, that I want to share with people, that I want them to be inspired by. On this next album, I want people to actually meet me.

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