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Lana Del Rey on Trump, Kanye and the Right Time for a Protest Song

Lana Del Rey on Trump, Kanye and the Right Time for a Protest Song

[Laughs] Yeah, I read that.

Did it ring true to you?

Pretty much! I don’t know how he [expletive] remembers … He must have a mind like a steel trap. I don’t even remember what was going on. I think I was a backup singer and I was opening for people and yeah, we went on a date. [Laughs]

Do you allow yourself to think about the dark days of 2012, when you were something of an internet punching bag? Do you ever let yourself feel smug about what you’ve accomplished?

I rarely feel feelings like smugness. But of course it’s very fresh in my mind because it was so unusual and unexpected. Mostly with stuff like that I look back on it and think, “Well, that was weird!” I’m just glad it’s better than it was.

I always thought that if you were going to become successful, it would be because things were going very well. I didn’t have a point of reference for things being really, really big, but not necessarily having an overtone of it being good. It’s certainly soul-strengthening because you have to really turn inward and ask, “Do I like what I do?” And it’s like, yeah, very much.

This album comes out right at the Grammys deadline. Do you care about the Grammys?

Uhhh … yes, I care. But I’m better staying in the process of things. What day is the Grammys deadline?

The day after your album comes out.

Hm! Yeah, I mean … Well … Yeah, I care. [Laughs]

You said in December that your New Year’s resolution was to live “more like an Instagram baddie/YouTube vlogger.” How’s that going?

It is going swimmingly. For as much time as I’m able to spend on my craft of songwriting, I’ve also been having fun and being a little badass. Motorcycling, surfing, wearing more neon. What’s funny is that post was a complete joke. But actually I have been having a lot of fun. So I guess there really is a true magic to the written word.

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