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Laura Harrier’s Awards Season Beauty Secrets

Laura Harrier’s Awards Season Beauty Secrets

I had the best smell ever: this tiny unmarked vial from Morocco that my friend got for me. It smells like orange blossom. I used to get so many compliments. I have saved literally one drop just so I can smell it. Now I do these roll-ons from Maison Louis Marie. In the winter I do No. 04, but more recently I’ve been doing the Antidris Cassis one.

I get massages, but I don’t have one particular person I go to. It’s the same with mani-pedis. Kim plucks my brows, but really barely, and she also tints them. I love a brow tint. They make such a big difference on your face. Carrie Lindsey, who used to do my brows in New York, was the first one to tint my brows, but I had to talk her into it. That was maybe two years ago, and now I won’t go back.

Overall, though, I’m way more of a New York girl in every aspect of my life. People do so much in L.A. I’m not that girl. I’m not getting everything waxed every other week. I’d rather do the bare minimum.

I’ve actually been lazier here in L.A. In New York, I would go to the Dogpound. My friend Kirk Myers founded it. Now, in L.A., I go to SoulCycle and barre class and hot yoga, but I bounce around. Also, I’ve been traveling so much that it’s hard to keep anything together. I downloaded the Nike app to work out while I travel, and I think I did it once.

For me, diet is about moderation. I work out, but I love cheese, pasta and wine. As I say that, I’m drinking a green smoothie that was a million dollars at Erewhon. The truth is, the timing of awards season, right after the holidays, is really cruel. I’m not at my peak right now. Honestly, I’m just trying to work out a lot, and I’ll go to Shani for a peel before a big awards show.

I do the infrared sauna, too. I feel it helps. There’s also this infrared sauna where they wrap you like a burrito. I haven’t tried that one yet, but it kind of seems like torture. You’re paying someone to wrap a hot blanket around you.

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