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Marc Maron on ‘GLOW,’ His Podcast and ‘Swords of Trust’

Marc Maron on ‘GLOW,’ His Podcast and ‘Swords of Trust’

After four seasons of his namesake IFC comedy, and copious soul-searching, Marc Maron wasn’t clamoring for another series, let alone a character so neurotic, so angry and compulsive, so exactly like him. But when he first read the script for “GLOW,” and the role of Sam Sylvia — the dyspeptic B-movie director hired to create a TV show starring the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling — he felt a jolt of connection.

“I really did think that I could be that guy,” he said. “I understood the tone of him immediately.” But by Season 3, arriving on Aug. 9 and set in Las Vegas circa 1986, Sam has evolved, if begrudgingly, into a kinder, gentler, more enlightened man after time in the ring with the intrepid wrestlers and their issues — among them, misogyny, workplace harassment, pay inequality, motherhood and abortion.

And where Sam has gone, so has Maron.

“Fundamentally I’m a better person, which is learning how to kind of not make it about me, and to be a worker among workers, and to be part of the cast,” he said. “I was happy to work with talented, powerful women. Like, certainly, I couldn’t really make it about me in that situation, could I?”

Over the last decade, Maron’s sardonic self-obsession has sent legions of admirers tuning in to “WTF,” the twice-weekly podcast in which he excavates the nooks and crannies of his guests’ psyches (willing participants have included David Letterman, Jane Fonda, Robin Williams and Barack Obama) while revealing the darkest recesses of his own.

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