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‘Rent’ Injury Makes Live TV Production Mostly Not So

‘Rent’ Injury Makes Live TV Production Mostly Not So

A highly publicized television production of the musical “Rent,” which was supposed to be performed live on Sunday, was forced to broadcast material shot the night before, the actors said in a prerecorded video during the three-hour event.

The announcement forced the cast to embrace one of the central mantras of a beloved musical about struggling East Village artists living in the shadow of AIDS: “No day but today.”

In a brief prerecorded video before a commercial break, a cast member confirmed that one of its lead actors, Brennin Hunt, had broken his foot and would not perform. Earlier Sunday, a spokesman for Fox said that Mr. Hunt, who plays Roger — one of the show’s central characters — had been injured while performing on Saturday.

“Most of what you’ll see tonight will come from last night’s performance,” Jordan Fisher, who plays Mark, said during the prerecorded video. Mr. Fisher added that the cast members had “railed together to rework the final act” so they could perform it live with Mr. Hunt as well as with the original Broadway cast from the 1996 show.

In one video posted on Twitter, Mr. Hunt appears to be performing the song “Another Day” on stage, in a wheelchair, while a video of him performing without injury is playing on a television screen nearby.

Just before 11 p.m. Sunday, the television version of the musical appeared to be live, as Mr. Hunt took the stage near Tinashe with his ankle and foot in a cast. His leg was propped up on the back of a chair as he serenaded Tinashe, whose character, Mimi, is near death in the final scene.

After Tinashe’s character was revived, the cast sang the finale, and then was joined by members of the original Broadway show — such as Anthony Rapp, Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs — to together belt the musical’s most recognizable anthem, “Seasons of Love.”

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