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Stephen Colbert Calls Trump’s Wall Strategy ‘the Definition of Insanity’

Stephen Colbert Calls Trump’s Wall Strategy ‘the Definition of Insanity’

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President Trump agreed to open the government for three weeks amid continuing border-wall negotiations, but he insisted that he hadn’t backed down from any of his demands. Stephen Colbert said on Monday that the president’s approach seemed less like a strategy and more like recalcitrance. Or worse.

“His heels are completely dug in. When asked if he would accept less than $5.7 billion for his wall, Trump said: ‘I doubt it.’ So just to be clear, he’s making the exact same offer backed by the exact same threat, but somehow he expects different results. Well, you know what they say: The definition of insanity is Donald Trump.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

Colbert poked fun at Trump for insisting on Twitter that he wasn’t conceding anything by reopening the government.

“And believe me, folks, I know races. Many people call me a race-ist.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

While he was on the topic of Trump’s tweets, Colbert pointed to one in which the president claimed, without apparent proof, that illegal immigration had already this year cost the country nearly $19 billion — and he gave the figure down to the dollar.

James Corden had a cynical take on a report by Tinder that it sees its highest number of users in the middle of January.

“Researchers at Tinder have released some interesting user information, and it’s particularly appropriate for tonight. Apparently, the most popular time to use the dating app is right now, in January, and particularly on Monday evenings. Yeah, in winter, after the holidays, on a Monday. So literally when you’re at your most depressed.” — JAMES CORDEN

“The most popular time of the day to use Tinder is apparently 9 p.m. And by the way, the most popular time to completely give up on love forever is 9:02 p.m.” — JAMES CORDEN

“According to The Washington Post, when President Trump gives tours of the White House and shows people the Lincoln Bedroom, he remarks how tall Lincoln was and how small the bed is. Said Trump, ‘That proves he used to sleep like me — in a fetal position, and crying!’” — SETH MEYERS

“Howard Schultz could be running for president in 2020. Or as they call it at Starbucks, venti venti.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

Every so often, Jimmy Kimmel uses some sleight of ear to make Washington sound a lot more risqué than it is.

It is not for us to ask why Abraham Lincoln and Shrek are sharing a milkshake. We can only sit and wonder if Shaquille O’Neal will figure out what they’re doing without seeing them.

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