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The Best Movies and TV Shows New to Netflix, Amazon and More in January

The Best Movies and TV Shows New to Netflix, Amazon and More in January

‘FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened’
Starts streaming: Jan. 18, on Netflix.

The calamitous Fyre Festival was initially billed as a luxury package music extravaganza in the Bahamas: Yachts! Villas! Private jets! But the 2017 party never started and was soon the target of bitter jokes, class-action lawsuits and criminal investigations. How did it go so wrong? This documentary tracks the event’s many problems, and it’s hard to decide which is the most outrageous revelation. Is it that the organizer/grifter Billy McFarland (now serving a federal prison sentence on wire fraud charges) actually instructed one of his crew to bribe a customs agent with sexual favors? Or that stranded attendees wound up locked inside a local airport without food or water? It’s a fascinating disaster, its only bright spot being that it didn’t happen to you.

Starts streaming: Jan. 19, on HBO.

Charlize Theron gives yet another knockout performance as the bedraggled Marlo, a woman who is ground down by her third pregnancy and, after the baby arrives, desperate for help. (Her loving husband is away a lot on business.) Suddenly an effervescent young woman named Tully (Mackenzie Davis) turns up to provide night-nanny assistance, offering much-needed advice, companionship and fresh-baked cupcakes. Marlo slowly gets her life back (“It’s like I can see color again,” she marvels), but just when you think you see a happy ending on the horizon, the story takes a major left turn, and the director Jason Reitman and the writer Diablo Cody bring it into a whole new emotional realm. The movie casts a magical spell that’s likely to stick with you after the end-credits roll.

Incredibles 2
Starts streaming: Jan. 30, on Netflix.

Everybody’s favorite animated superhero family is back. You remember the Parrs: Bob, the dad (Mr. Incredible); Helen, the mom (Elastigirl), their teen daughter, Violet; her little brother Dash; and the baby, Jack-Jack (who now has some surprising super powers of his own). Also returning are the family’s frosty super-friend Frozone and their droll spandex guru Edna Mode. But Elastigirl is the center of attention now, facing off against a mysterious new supervillain and, dare we say, stretching herself a bit? You can never get too much Elastigirl!

New to Amazon Prime Video: “A Beautiful Mind” (Jan. 1), “Alpha Dog” (Jan. 1), “Brazil” (Jan. 1), “Jane Eyre” (Jan. 1), “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” (Jan. 1), “Beautiful Boy” (Jan. 4), “Informer” Season 2 (Jan. 11), “Victoria” Season 3 (Jan. 14) and “The Debt” (Jan. 16).

New to Hulu: “Atlanta” Season 2 (Jan. 1), “9 to 5” (Jan. 1), “A Simple Plan” (Jan. 1), “Babe” (Jan. 1), “Beetlejuice” (Jan. 1), “Chinatown” (Jan. 1), “Finding Neverland” (Jan. 1), “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (Jan. 1), “Gods and Monsters” (Jan. 1), “Grizzly Man” (Jan. 1), “Heathers” (Jan. 1), “In a World …” (Jan. 1), “Lethal Weapon” (Jan. 1), “The Limey” (Jan. 1), “The Neverending Story” (Jan. 1), “Rain Man” (Jan. 1), “Revolutionary Road” (Jan. 1), “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” (Jan. 1), “Scent of a Woman” (Jan. 1), “Shrek” (Jan. 1), “The Virgin Suicides” (Jan. 1), “Total Recall” (Jan. 1), “True Grit” (Jan. 1), “The X-Files” Season 11 (Jan. 3), “Lodge 49” Season 1 (Jan. 7) and “Future Man” Season 2 premiere (Jan. 11).

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