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The Most Memorable TV Episodes of 2018

The Most Memorable TV Episodes of 2018

‘Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now’

The ever-optimistic Tina meets the latest love of her life (“I’m not boy-crazy, I’m boy-focused”), and in order to see him again she has to disguise herself and sneak into auditions for a struggling boy band. Of course. “Bob’s Burgers” is a model of consistency in its writing and delineation of its characters, a family of lovable misfits who run a diner you probably wouldn’t want to eat at, and any number of episodes could have made this list. The Season 9 premiere gets the nod for its closing musical number, in which Tina rides a unicorn while musing on “the right number of boys” in a girl’s life. (Watch on and Hulu.) MIKE HALE

‘Free Churro’

This is the best episode of anything I saw in 2018. It’s a distillation of everything “BoJack Horseman” does right: A genius articulation of misery that’s never more than a few seconds from a 10/10 joke, and an experiment in form and structure. “Free Churro” is a 25-minute monologue, with BoJack eulogizing his awful mother, whom he hated and who hated him right back. He acknowledges their mutual bitterness, his father’s grave shortcomings and cruelty, his frustrations. The speech is full of haunting and hilarious and memorable lines, but most telling is BoJack’s digression about his ’90s sitcom, “Horsin’ Around,” a vintage schlockola show in the vein of “Full House” or “Family Matters.”

“You can’t have happy endings in sitcoms, not really, because, if everyone’s happy, the show would be over, and above all else, the show has to keep going,” BoJack says. That’s what he really thinks, but it’s completely wrong — all you have are happy endings on those shows, everything always works out. People hug, people forgive. Happy family homeostasis. Thanks to his terrible parents and their terrible parents and whoever else, BoJack doesn’t see things that way; if all life is sadness, then at least sadness is life. “You can never get a happy ending, cause there’s always more show,” he says. Maybe that’s only true for BoJack. And “BoJack.” (Watch on Netflix.) MARGARET LYONS

[Read a conversation with the creator of “BoJack Horseman” about Season 5.]

‘Season 4, Episode 8’

The Swedish actress Sofia Helin gave an uncompromising performance as a damaged, obsessional detective across the four seasons of this Danish-Swedish twist on the buddy-cop series. She also burned her character’s habitual cellphone salutation — “Saga Norén, Länskrim Malmö,” identifying herself as a member of the Malmo criminal investigation division — into the brains of TV viewers in 160 countries. The series finale, written by the show’s creator, Hans Rosenfeldt, put the perfect cap on her portrayal, in a moment that was simple, predictable and utterly moving. (Watch on Hulu.) MIKE HALE

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