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Trevor Noah Says Trump’s Racism Might Not Be in His Bones

Trevor Noah Says Trump’s Racism Might Not Be in His Bones

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The House voted on Tuesday to condemn recent tweets from President Trump, describing as racist his attacks against four Democratic congresswomen of color (including a suggestion that they “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came”).

The House resolution was temporarily stalled over its use of the word “racist,” which Republicans said violated a congressional rule against personally attacking the president.

“As opposed to the presidential rule book, which evidently is just a signed headshot of Kid Rock that says, ‘Go hog wild, brother!’” — STEPHEN COLBERT

Some Republicans defended Trump. Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader, said the president was tweeting out of frustration.

“Frustration doesn’t make you racist, all right? If anything, it just lets your racism slip out. Same thing with being angry, drunk, hungry — none of that makes you say racist things. Because if it did, those candy bar commercials would be a lot different.” — TREVOR NOAH

Trump returned to Twitter to defend himself on Tuesday, writing that he didn’t “have a Racist bone in my body.”

Seth Meyers hosted his own Democratic presidential debate, sort of.

Senator Kamala Harris of California, a Democratic presidential candidate, will stop by “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

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