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Trevor Noah Wonders if Cardi B Could End the Government Shutdown

Trevor Noah Wonders if Cardi B Could End the Government Shutdown

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Even amid the continuing partial government shutdown, revelations continue to spring from the Russia investigation and those caught up in it. Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, said Thursday that he paid a small firm to rig online polls in favor of Trump during the 2016 campaign. Trevor Noah isn’t surprised.

“It’s crazy that Michael Cohen was rigging polls for Trump, while Trump was out there complaining that the polls were rigged. You realize, this is proof again that whenever Trump accuses anyone of doing something wrong, he’s actually just talking about himself. He’s like, [impersonating Trump] ‘The polls are rigged folks. And also, Hillary’s very disappointed that her sons look like pervy vampires!’” — TREVOR NOAH

Meanwhile, in shutdown-related news, services continue to be rolled back while government workers are on furlough.

“It is now Day 27 of the longest shutdown in American history. Funding for low-income housing is in danger, school lunches are facing cutbacks, and things have gotten so bad that Air Force One is now being operated by Spirit Airlines.” — TREVOR NOAH

Many of the late-night hosts took note of an Instagram video posted by rapper Cardi B, in which she makes a rare venture into politics in order to criticize Trump for allowing the shutdown to drag on. In the video, Cardi B reminds viewers, “It’s been a little bit over three weeks. Trump is now ordering — as in summonsing — federal government workers without getting paid.” Later, she says, “I feel like we need to take some action.”

Noah was thrilled to see the pop star entering the political arena.

“How cool would it be if Cardi B somehow ended the shutdown? Like, we find out Trump is a major fan because ‘Bodak Yellow’ is his favorite song — and also the color of his hair?” — TREVOR NOAH

Trump struck back on Thursday at Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, after she suggested that Trump postpone or cancel his State of the Union address. Just moments before she was set to leave on a diplomatic tour, the president told Pelosi that he would not allow her to make the trip on the federal dime.

“With the shutdown, there was no way she was going to get through T.S.A. anyway.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“It’s Day 27 of the government shutdown, and I read that President Trump is starting to lose support from key members of his base. When he heard that, Trump was like, ‘Oh no, the Russians don’t like me anymore?’” — JIMMY FALLON

Rudy Giuliani insists he never said the Trump campaign didn’t collude with Russia. Wait — what?

What would be your “seven-word superpower” of choice?

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