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‘Veronica Mars’ Is Back (Yes, Early). Here’s What to Remember.

‘Veronica Mars’ Is Back (Yes, Early). Here’s What to Remember.

The popular kids at Neptune High were called the 09ers, and Dick Casablancas has always been the ultimate 09er: A rich, bullying, obnoxious surfer dude, redeemable only in relation to his criminal father; his gold-digging stepmother; and his troubled brother, Beaver, who committed two of the show’s most terrible atrocities before killing himself. His frat-boy antics followed Veronica to college and beyond, but he has lately become more of an affable doofus in the vein of Hansen’s “Party Down” character.

Dick and Beaver’s unctuous father, known as Big Dick, who made his millions in the real estate business, appeared only a few times on the show’s second and third seasons, just long enough to flee S.E.C. agents on fraud charges. He eventually turned himself in and returns in Season 4 with suspicious plans for Neptune’s revitalization.

Not even a SoCal beach town is immune from the Irish mob, apparently. The Mars family has foiled these hapless gangsters more than once — Keith put five of them behind bars — but they’re back for more.

Since Neptune ran Keith out of office over the Lilly Kane investigation, the position of sheriff has generally fallen to contemptible dummies, most notably the now deceased Don Lamb (Michael Muhney), who scoffed at Veronica’s morning-after attempt to report her rape, and his brother, Dan Lamb (Jerry O’Connell), who replaced him in the movie. There’s a new sheriff on the Neptune bomber case, and the bar is low.

The one police department non-idiot is Leo D’Amato. His flirtatious relationship with Veronica led to heartbreak and betrayal in the first season when she got him suspended from his job and broke off their brief romance in order to be with Logan. He remained good-humored and forgiving about it, periodically helping her in later seasons and popping up as a San Diego police detective in the movie.

Another Neptune private eye, the morally elastic Vinnie constantly homes in on Mars Investigations business: When Keith and Veronica drop a case, he’s there to pick it up. When Keith runs for Sheriff, he finds his way onto the ballot. He has redeemed his sleazy behavior in key moments, however, teaming up with the Marses to catch Steve Guttenberg’s second season villain and saving Veronica from a Fitzpatrick trap.

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