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What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Ocean’s 8’ and ‘Final Score’

What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Ocean’s 8’ and ‘Final Score’

Watch an “Ocean’s” installment with a feminist twist on HBO. Or stream an action flick starring a formidable Dave Bautista on Amazon.

OCEAN’S 8 (2018) 8 p.m. on HBO; stream on HBO Go or HBO Now; rent on Amazon, Google Play or YouTube. When this female-driven spinoff of the “Ocean’s” trilogy hit theaters, most critics agreed that the A-list ensemble cast gave the movie its oomph, but that it should have stayed in the hands of the original “Ocean’s” director, Steven Soderbergh. Here, Gary Ross delivers a lukewarm caper starring Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean, the equally criminal sister of Danny Ocean. Fresh out of prison, Debbie hatches a monumental heist: snatching a $150 million dollar Cartier necklace off the neck of an actress (Anne Hathaway) during the annual Met Gala. Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling and Sarah Paulson — to name a few — play her co-conspirators. In her review, Manohla Dargis said a subplot involving guy troubles proves “needless.” She adds: “The movie sounds and narratively unwinds like the previous installments, but without the same easy snap or visual allure.”

PLANET EARTH 6 a.m. on BBC America. More than a decade ago, “Planet Earth” dazzled viewers and set the benchmark for nature series with its gripping overview of wildlife across habitats. This weeklong marathon features episodes from that landmark series, as well as similar programs like “The Blue Planet” and “Africa.” It begins with a behind-the-scenes episode on the making of “The Hunt.”

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