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When Starting a Collection Coincides With a Wedding

When Starting a Collection Coincides With a Wedding

If you each had to pick a favorite work from your collection here, what would it be?

MS. WOOD-TEPPERBERG The painting in our den by Tigran Tsitoghdzyan. It’s of me, but I don’t love it because of that. I love it because of the story behind it and because I’m a fan of images of women in general — their faces, their bodies.

I met Tigran through a friend, and he asked if he could paint me. I went to his studio in Lower Manhattan, and he took pictures of my face and hands and painted this piece based on those. He created two — one as a gift for us and the other to sell. It ended up selling at Art Basel, in Miami.

MR. TEPPERBERG For me, it’s the camouflage leather Louis Vuitton canvas in the den by Takashi Murakami. I got it at the gift shop of the Brooklyn Museum when I went to see his show there in 2008. At the time, it was the most expensive piece I had ever bought, but I knew it was special. I am generally drawn to pieces that have an interesting story, but sometimes I love the pieces because they’re by an artist I already know and love. That was the case with Murakami. I was long a fan of his. Call it bias, but I think that influenced my attraction to the piece.

Most of your art is in bright colors, but the largest piece in your living room, a collection of different images of food and objects, is in black and white. What’s the story behind it?

MR. TEPPERBERG It’s by Gregory Siff, who grew up in Brooklyn and moved to L.A. I love the pictures of the surfboards, French fries and ice cream cones.

MS. WOOD-TEPPERBERG Everything Gregory does is happy and has an amazing story. This piece to me is all about New York.

You’ve got some unusual sculptures, including the wood door near your entryway with the face of a woman.

MR. TEPPERBERG A friend of mine who lives in Miami is friendly with Vhils [the street artist] and was with him one afternoon when he was in Miami for a show. My friend spontaneously bought two wooden doors, and right then and there, in about 30 minutes, Vhils chiseled them both. My friend bought one, and I bought the other. I was so happy when we got it. Up close, you can’t tell exactly what it is, but if you step back, you can see that it’s a woman’s face.

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