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Winter TV Preview: ‘True Detective,’ ‘Carmen Sandiego’ and 19 More Shows to Watch

Winter TV Preview: ‘True Detective,’ ‘Carmen Sandiego’ and 19 More Shows to Watch

This new satirical sitcom from Simon Rich (“Man Seeking Woman”) imagines heaven as a bloated, industrial-era corporation — budget cuts lead to eliminating product lines, a.k.a. extinctions — which sounds a little like “The Good Place.” But “Miracle Workers” is based on Rich’s 2012 novel, “What in God’s Name,” and it feels more like a 1930s-vintage Hollywood comedy. Steve Buscemi plays God, who’s lost interest; Daniel Radcliffe plays a timid clerk in the Answered Prayers department; and Geraldine Viswanathan plays a new arrival there whose enthusiasm for earth has unintended consequences. (Feb. 12, TBS)

If the heightened sensibility of this series about a fractious team of 30-something superheroes reminds you of FX’s “Legion,” you’re probably on to something: Steve Blackman, who adapted the Eisner Award-winning “Umbrella Academy” comics for TV, was an executive producer on “Legion” and also worked with that show’s creator, Noah Hawley, on “Fargo.” (Feb. 15, Netflix)

Amy Sedaris and her cast of eccentrics, half of them played by Sedaris, return for a second season of highly suspect how-to advice. (How to keep a teenager engaged? “I’ve always said, keep their hands busy and their genitals will follow.”) (Feb. 19, TruTV)

In the exceedingly small niche of series that lovingly parody well-known nonfiction films, “Documentary Now!” reigns supreme. Season 3 begins with a two-part sendup of Netflix’s cult-noir “Wild, Wild Country” and memorably includes a tribute to D.A. Pennebaker’s “Original Cast Album: Company,” with John Mulaney as the Sondheimesque composer of songs like “(A Little) Cocaine Tonight.” (Feb. 20, IFC)

A new comedy from the Lorne Michaels factory stars Aidy Bryant as a young woman of a certain size whose life, as the show begins, is a cascade of indignities. Daniel Stern and Julia Sweeney, in her first regular TV role in a decade, play the parents, in a cast that includes John Cameron Mitchell, Lukas Jones of “People of Earth” and the ubiquitous Lolly Adefope, who’s also in “Miracle Workers.” (March 15, Hulu)

Spoiler alert: In the last six episodes of the epic climate-change allegory, the steady rise in dragon fire warms the atmosphere, winter is averted and the White Walkers settle down peacefully in the now-temperate north. Overcome by their good fortune, many characters stop wearing clothes altogether. (April, HBO)

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